Energy Savings Calculator

Destratification can help you save up to 35% on your heating bill.


Use this calculator to chart the ROI of Airius fan units, including installation and maintenance, and see your potential savings.

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How to Use the Calculator


Fill out the form to the right to provide basic information about your company, installation, and destratification needs.


Check your email - you'll receive the appropriate Excel spreadsheet to make the final calculations.


Update the values in the Excel spreadsheet. Before we can make a final estimate, you will need to know your ceiling height, the temperature at the floor, and the temperature at the ceiling.

How It Works


According to a study by the Building Scientific Research Information Association, if you have a 33 ft. ceiling with a floor to ceiling temperature differential of 14.4F, you could potentially reclaim up to 26.3% of heat energy with a destratification system. We model this research into an overall ROI calculator.